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Domingos cerrado

Bodegas Marcelino Díaz

Calle Mecánica, S/N,
06200 Almendralejo, Badajoz

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Since 1931, Marcelino Diaz has been closely linked to the viticulture and cultivation of wines in the Extremadura region.

A family tradition started by Marcelino’s father, Mr. Marcelino Diaz Sanchez, who proved ahead of his time and set out to revitalize extreme viticulture in terms of quality and demanding a prestigious reputation while doing so. While learning the craft of his father, Marcelino became a pioneer and promoter of modern enology, and with more than 40 years experience, he realized his dream and created his own winery as a labor of love.

Bodegas Marcelino Diaz, S.A was born with the purpose of developing winemaking, correctly aging, and bottling wines and cava. Our wine, Puerta Palma, combines the concepts of quality, tradition and modern practice.

Currently, the winery is managed by Carmina Vazquez Arroyo that assists with the development of these great wines and cava under the watchful eye and advice of Marcelino Diaz and the collaboration of his children.

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