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Domingos cerrado

Bodegas Marcelino Díaz

Calle Mecánica, S/N,
06200 Almendralejo, Badajoz

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Red wine Theodosivs I (Six bottles case)


Prize six bottles case

Including transporte in to de Iberic penninsula i 48 to 72 hours and VAT.

Tasting coments

Colour: Red dark, tonality very lively

Nose: Intense and complex fruity and marmalade.

Taste: Full-body red wine ,silky tannins hints spice notes

Adwards: 9 points by Carlos Delgado.

Coment: Wine elaborated by Marcelino Diaz from his owns vineyard. Selected for commemorating the disc o missorium of the roman emperor Theodosivs Iº

Made on silver (15 kg) in Constantinople and discovered in Almendralejo in 1.847

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Prize of six bottles case

Control Apelation: Vino de la tierra de Extremadura (Spain).

Vintage: 2016.

Maturing: 12 months in American barrel and 12 months in bottle.

Alcohol: 13% vol.

Sugar: Less than 2 grs/l.

Accidity: 5,2 grs/l in tartaric.

Varieties: 100% Tempranillo.